Hi, my name is Benji.

I’m a designer, artist and illustrator. My first commission was a drawing of a dog in second grade. I still love dogs, but mostly work with humans.

Engineering a visual identity for a vibrant art and music performance cooperative.

Elestial Sound

Elestial Sound is a constantly mutating entity. It is part record label, part live performance troupe, and part art collective. Elestial Sound’s original intention was to be a small label publishing the collected efforts of a tight-knit circle of Florida musicians, but after five years and twenty releases, the vision expanded from documenting a musical lineage, to curating an immersive experiential environment.

The logo mark reflects the morphing identity through its modularity and flexibility. By running the mark through a xerox copier, I was able to iterate hundreds of unique marks, each with its own character and unique persona.

Special thanks to Always Nothing, Davis hart, Stephany Kaye, and Anastasiya Zolotukhin for their photography.

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Capturing the dynamic magic of the "festival for the future" with a screenprinted poster.

Form Arcosanti

I was kindly invited to design a limited run 3 color screenprint poster for Form Arcosanti, an intimate three day music festival in the magical lowlands of the Arizona desert.

Special thanks to Anastasiya Zolotukhin for her photography.

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Branding one of Florida's swampiest breweries.

Alligator Brewing

Alligator Brewing is a tiny nano brewery with a tenacious attitude and the courage to combine, alchemize and reinvent traditional conceptions of beer brewing. The branding shows its experimental nature, diehard belief in hard work and good beer, and swampy roots.

In addition to the logo, festival tent, business cards, stickers, coozies and collateral, I designed a complete vehicle wrap for a Mercedes Sprinter van, used to transport kegs and kit to and from tastings and festivals.

Special thanks to Jon Church for his photography.

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